domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

Not an update

Greetings all!  Zelas here.

It seems like Damn3D is once again busy, so while we wait for him to come back I figured I'd share some stuff.  In a previous post, I mentioned having commissioned a 3DX version of one of my favorite h-manga.  Upon his brief return we resumed work and here's a taste of what we were able to complete (as much as I'm willing to show right now, that is).  Taking the bottom right panel from the source we have his first attempt, and next to that our collaborated effort that makes some changes to her ass and the handling of the stomach bulge.  Hope you all enjoy.


miércoles, 17 de junio de 2015

Appologies and greetings

Hello my friends!!!!!!!! I'm back!!!!
Well, this last couple of months I've been trying to solve my future and my life in general... I'm in a new city with new projects and job, so trying to adapt to this new life... But one of my goals is to do this a full time job and that's why I needed to make some changes to my life...
I apologize for this new absence, I know you guys wanted to have some new stuff, but believe me, I wanted too!!
I want to forge a solid relationship with you, and this kind of lapsus don't helps at all...

I've tried the new Daz render IRay, and I'm in love with. You can see for yourself and tell me what do you think!

And for the monsters lovers:

I know I have some debts with some of you! I'll try to fulfill it, I promise... I'm a little lost after this time lost...

domingo, 22 de marzo de 2015

... a little surprise/update

So to continue off the little surprise mentioned in the previous post... viola!  The short mini-comic "Too Much Cock".  Born off playing around with morphing limits, Damn3D thought "Sure, why not.  Karina could use some *happiness* today" and decided to render several more poses and slap on some dialogue for your enjoyment.

Hopefully you'll all have fun with this.  Karina is fine for those wondering.  Being an apostle of Hedonisa, she heals very quickly.  Until next time, ciao! 
PS.  For the large insertion and stomach bulge fans, I recommend keeping tabs on A Third Dimension.

viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Huge? Little? What?

Greetings, all!  Zelas here.  Thank you for the warm welcomes.  It's nice to be around those who share similar likes of Damn3D's works.  I hope you all visit often and leave nice comments.  Encouraging words are always good for the soul of the artist.  Now, on to some updates.

A couple previews from the Ilaria+Mino set.  One of which showing an example of small changes I'm asking for since anime type expressions do not always translate well into 3DX.  And yes, that cock is huge... but relax.  It'll be fine =)

I'm kind of wary showing off too much from this set, however.  I think it may be more enjoyable to view it fully completed instead of showing a new page every week.  Plus, it's an adaption of an existing work so you already know how it ends, right?  Thoughts?
In other news Damn3D is doing well.  I even hear he's been approached for a new, fairly large commission. It gives me the warm fuzzies to see a favored artist not starve.  If you're thinking he already has too much going on with his ACK series and all, fear not.  He makes it a point ensure a reasonable delivery date so he has enough time to work on existing projects.  Plus, it allows him to keep learning 3DX and try out some fun/funny limits and extremes such as this "little" surprise... which will lead into "another little" surprise.  Stay tuned!