sábado, 10 de enero de 2015

Bad news, bad luck...

I must to apologize with all of you, but my losing streak seems to keep going!
I've moved from my apartment and now my computers is dead... So I have to suspend every work until I can buy my new computer (I hope in a month or so).
In the good side of this, seems that my sales go very well and this will help me to afford my new rig.
I'm really sorry for this, I'm so eager to keep rendering and work in some commissions that Grindum and Caranthar asked me...
I'll be back very soon, I promise! And with more strenght than never!

miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Ack, ack, ACK!

From now on (well, from "A giant gift for her birthday", actually), all my personal work (not the commissions, unless they want to) will be part of a little fictional universe that I've called "Algoland crazy world" or "ACK".
My idea is create all the stories related and interconnected to have a bigger "whole".
I know that maybe some of you may prefer only the graphic stuff, but let me assure that you'll have it. And for people like me, that love the stories as much as the graphic stuff, I hope this pleases them and can have more depth and background...
So, what's ACK?
Ack is a world full of fantasy creatures, magic, and beautiful women, a world with past, present and future, a world with their own genesis and gods, a world that has come out from a pervert mind like mine!
I just hope my english let me express these ideas in the best way. But if some of you can translate from spanish to english and want to collaborate with me, feel free to email me!! That would be awesome...

martes, 6 de enero de 2015

"A giant gift for her birthday" is live!

Hello my friends! finally i have my title approved in Rotica store!! :D
I feel like a proud father

If do you enjoy my stuff, can afford it and want to help my cause, you can now buy it in Renderotica!

Follow the link in the image:

Thank you!

domingo, 4 de enero de 2015


Hi my dear friends!! Hope this 2015 be an excellent year for all of you!! My better wishes for this year.

Like some of you know, I'm having some financial issues, so, I've been working in a series/comic to sell it in some of the stores.

For my surprise, it seems that my work is too extreme for one of the stores (Affect3d), and I'm trying now in Renderotica store (I hope with better luck).
I hope if some of you like my art and can afford it, can help me and buy it, so I can do more of this!
But this rejection makes me think in the moral of the people in porn regard.
The line who divides the right and wrong of 3dX is so blurry. How much of wolf has to have the werewolf to be considered zoophilia?
An ape-like monster?
I know i do some extreme stuff and surely is not for everybody's taste, but there is no gore, blood, scat, there is no coercion, there is no animals (for now), there is no childs, and yet can be rejected in the store for being too extreme. So, where is the line?...
Don't get me wrong, this in not a complain to the store, they can select what kind of work they want to sell and that's ok. But that makes me think, that I don't understand the moral of the porn.
Everybody are used to see death, rapes, dismemberment, suicides, tortures, blood, guts, and all kind of really sick shit all the days of their life in movies and mainstream media. But Hey!! If you put some explicit sex in that, everybody freaks out!! WTF?!?!
3D is not real, everybody mentally sane knows that, so, why don't let the fantasy go beyond the normal limits?
Maybe I'm a little sick of the hypocricy that rules the world... The double moral for pursue their own interest...
Sorry, I think this is not only about porn, I think is the way of thinking of humanity that piss me off...

What do you think?

Best regards!!