sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

Luxus Test

Finally I'm getting some progress in Luxus! And I'm loving it! Is a totally new way of thinking, but is worth the effort!
Here is a test render for try the skin mat. I'm pretty happy with the results. Is just a test render with the default area lights it comes with Luxus, and a Primitive box enclosing the scene. So, don't look the background :P
Any advice for the skin? What do you think is needed to improve it?
Thank you for watching!
I promess fun stuff soon!!! Really!!!

miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2014

Working without renders!

Hi everybody!
I've been working hard, but sadly I can't put any worthwhile render.
I'm doing some JMC because I hate the crotch shape when the leg bends, so I'm correcting that. Besides I'm working in new characters for a story that is writing Asylum, here a sample for the main character:
Meet Cherie
I'll be working a little longer in more custom morphs, and I'm trying with LuxRender because I'd like to improve my work, but I'm getting troubles with skin! Is damn hard!! And the render time!! But I know if I want to be seriously considered in mainstream 3DX, Is a must!
Well, that's all for today, hopefully, tomorrow will be an update with some fun stuff!
Thank you all for watch!!!

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

A candle to San La Muerte Part 04

Sorry for the delay, but I'm working with Asylum in a new story! And I'm very excited about!
Thank you Asylum for trust in me!

Well, here they are 5 more picures of this serie:
Thank you for watch!!!!

sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2014

A candle to San La Muerte Part 03

Kipping with this series, here is the Part 3.
I accept sugerences and ideas!!
Hope you like it!!

Cya tomorrow with more!!

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2014

A candle to San La Muerte part 01

Here this series begins!

Please let me know your reviews and ideas! I'm getting a nice public boost, and will be nice if I read your impressions!
Thank you!!
Hope you like this serie!

Cya tomorrow with more images!

miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

A candle to San La Muerte

Here in south america there is a pagan cult called San La Muerte, in english is something like Saint "The Death", where they worship... Yep, you guess...the guy with the scythe. Is gaining more adepts everyday.
Well, here we got a girl who is in that cult.
Kim loves everything related with death, corpses, skulls, zombies and everything you can think about it.
But thats not all, not only love that kind of sick shit, she gets super horny with it!
Who we are to judge...
And you know... A hot and sexy girl like her, is more than capable to raise the dead!
A candle to "San La Muerte"
I'm going to upload this serie maybe 2 or 3 pictures at a time, and then, when is finished will be upload the RAR file, so, make sure to check daily!


I'm almost ready to start this new set.
I must to do some more work into the males characters... I'm thinking in 3 o 4 nasties zombies...
This is the progress so far...
Hi there!
I'm starting a new set soon with a new girl called Kim.
Is still a wip.
Somebody is thinking about zombies?

lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Frey and the minotaurs COMPLETE

Well, I've finished this serie.
I know maybe need a little more postwork, but I don't want ruin it.

She's Frey, a lonely and sexy girl, bored in the castle tower...
 A couple of big minotaurs arrives...

-What, in the name of all gods is that!!  - She said.
-Why? You think isn't big enough for you? - Said one minotaur, approaching to her...
- No! Is far more bigger than i can handle!
Why don't find out it?

domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

Frey and the minotaurs preview

I'm working on a set of a girl with a couple of oversized minotaurs.
I wanted to try morphs and see which is the limit! hehehe..
Here are some samples.
The complete set soon.

viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Well, I think i'm ready to start this little comic.
I don't think be able to post a page daily because I want to learn more about layout, dialogs, etc and I'll take my time for that!
You can read it online in TheDuckWebcomic!
Hope you enjoy this wild ride!
What happens when a naive elf encounters three orcs freeloaders?
The answer soon!

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Here are some characters I'm working. Coming soon, a new series with this fellas...