miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

Ack, ack, ACK!

From now on (well, from "A giant gift for her birthday", actually), all my personal work (not the commissions, unless they want to) will be part of a little fictional universe that I've called "Algoland crazy world" or "ACK".
My idea is create all the stories related and interconnected to have a bigger "whole".
I know that maybe some of you may prefer only the graphic stuff, but let me assure that you'll have it. And for people like me, that love the stories as much as the graphic stuff, I hope this pleases them and can have more depth and background...
So, what's ACK?
Ack is a world full of fantasy creatures, magic, and beautiful women, a world with past, present and future, a world with their own genesis and gods, a world that has come out from a pervert mind like mine!
I just hope my english let me express these ideas in the best way. But if some of you can translate from spanish to english and want to collaborate with me, feel free to email me!! That would be awesome...

3 comentarios:

  1. ..or italian.. anyway, good choise! ;-)

    1. For Italian I have you my friend!!! :D
      And such a great storyteller!!!! :D :D

  2. Oh wow do I have some ideas, Ha. I'm so excited for your Universe and what it has in store for us.