martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

Bye bye blogger...

As some of you could know, Google are changing their policy regards of the sexual content in blogspot, From March 23 every blog with sexual pictures will be turned into a private blog, so most of you will not see the content.
I'll be taking out all the sexual content from here, so this blog can stay open, but I can't be sure of it...
I'm working in a personal website, that I hope can be ready soon as possible, but is lot of work, so if there is some kind soul out there who has knowledge of Wordpress and wants to help me with my site, will be very welcome! (I'm sure we can get to some arrangement, not in money, but in other things).
I hope all of you can stay with me in this road, but from now on, outside of blogger...
Take care...

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  1. You can pass this around to all the 3D erotic artists you know. I had a feeling this was coming, as there was talk of it a couple years back. This was partially why I created Ambient Dimension, to allow erotic or downright pornographic 3D art. And you are ALWAYS welcome there! Tell me what you folks would like to see to make things more to your liking to post your 3D erotic art, and I will do my best to add it in! To be honest, I was hoping to have one unifying place where all 3D art, erotic and non erotic, can post stuff, but mostly, I wanted to see the erotic stuff not all spread over the internet in different corners. A place where it can be all gathered together. Let me know, anything I can do to help you folks move over, I will try and do. Heck, the website is free, so its already got no barriers to entry!

  2. Yes that is really so sorry, I cannot believe it, that we all 3D artitists have no place to share our artwork sets . Thumblr is not good. I don't know where to share my artworks now...

    1. I think we all have this same issue my friend!... Is sad, really sad...

  3. did a post about that on my site, maybe interesting for some of you :) just use one of the simple basic wordpress templates, its no rocket science, even i managed to get it running :)

  4. Ugh fucking censoring of everything Sex related, i am getting so fed up with this Authoritorian mindset the last few years.

  5. Greetings Damn3d, it seems they have changed there mind due to the critique they got over this change!
    Article at the BBC:

  6. Yep read about this today at work I'm so freaking happy all the content can stay put for all the adult artist bloggers out there. The only stipulation I read was that there needs to be a adult content warning posted on all adult blogs prior to entry which this one obviously has. Its about time people fess up to what we all are into & indulge in. Damn near 90% of all computers, including both men & woman's have porn looked up on them several times within a month. The American society needs to become more liberal about its views on sex such as eastern Europeans & the rest of south America. I mean hell look at Japan and all the Loli content that published on a weekly basis. I'm just happy your to stay Amigo, that way the stress can come off your back about the need to get your personal site up & running right away. You can take your time with it while still publishing your work on your blog. PS - please post Pic 1 & 4 from my commission on your site to share with the rest of your followers. Take care, we'll talk soon.