viernes, 6 de marzo de 2015

False alarm...

Hello everyone!
By now everyone should know that Google finally won't ban the porn content from blogger, I think they can't ignore all the shouts from the adult content bloggers...
But, in my case, my website is on his way and soon I'll be doing the great opening, I'm happy and excited...
In the meantime, I'll let you some commission work!! Hope you enjoy it!!

A new character for Zelas Metallium...

A nice orc gangbang for Grindum!!

A crazy adventure for Ramone. Hold your breathe Lacey!

See you soon!!
Take care!!!!

9 comentarios:

  1. Great new artworks my friend. So nice that no changes will be active on March 23rd and we are able to upload our adult artworks at google.

    1. Thank you my friend!!!
      Yeah, agree! there are so many artists that don't have a place to go and express with their art...

    2. Once more great pieces, love the blue girl, she is sexy.
      And yes, there are so very few places artists like you are so rare, and ostracised, and cant go anywhere.
      Am glad google didnt let this change happen, though For you i would have made a Tumblr account, despite that place being very toxic.

    3. :D Thank you!
      Yeah, the best choice is to do a place of your own, so nobody can say what do you can or can't do...
      I hope you want make an account in my upcoming website, I'm thinking in a couple of thing for you guys!

    4. Just dont make me pay a monthly sub, and i'll be making one :P

    5. Absolutely!! No subscriptions for my website, all content free. I'll be doing some sets to sell in Renderotica from time to time to pay expenses...

    6. Ah thats good ^^ hope we can do business aswell the way we did previously

  2. Yay! My blue haired Goddess!! Thanks for putting up with my pickiness about her features. Can't wait to work with you on my second girl.

  3. nice this blue haired :D