miércoles, 24 de septiembre de 2014

Working without renders!

Hi everybody!
I've been working hard, but sadly I can't put any worthwhile render.
I'm doing some JMC because I hate the crotch shape when the leg bends, so I'm correcting that. Besides I'm working in new characters for a story that is writing Asylum, here a sample for the main character:
Meet Cherie
I'll be working a little longer in more custom morphs, and I'm trying with LuxRender because I'd like to improve my work, but I'm getting troubles with skin! Is damn hard!! And the render time!! But I know if I want to be seriously considered in mainstream 3DX, Is a must!
Well, that's all for today, hopefully, tomorrow will be an update with some fun stuff!
Thank you all for watch!!!

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  1. loose the glasses and add some monsters :D Great girl!

    1. Soon, very soon I promess! I've been too busy, but is a promess!

  2. She looks very sexy.
    Especially her crotch looks yummi ;)

    You don't need Luxrender to become serious in 3DX. Look at Erogenesis. He uses only the Firefly renderengine and it's awesome what he is doing.
    Besides, I tried Lux myself and I think it's damn slow for GPU supported rendering.
    There are other better solutions if you want some time improvements, but often they cost something.
    But if you don't have the need and know how to light a scene good in Poser, I would stick to that.

    btw how long did Lux render for your Luxus test?

    1. Thx Knight!
      Yeah, I think LuxRender is so cool, but the render times are so long, so for now, I'll keep rendering with 3Delight, the test takes me 6 hours with 300 S/p...

  3. This charactere is really very cute and sexy.I hope to see her in some of your explicit work very soon.