sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

Luxus Test

Finally I'm getting some progress in Luxus! And I'm loving it! Is a totally new way of thinking, but is worth the effort!
Here is a test render for try the skin mat. I'm pretty happy with the results. Is just a test render with the default area lights it comes with Luxus, and a Primitive box enclosing the scene. So, don't look the background :P
Any advice for the skin? What do you think is needed to improve it?
Thank you for watching!
I promess fun stuff soon!!! Really!!!

5 comentarios:

  1. Is your entire series ended, my friend or will there come a part 5? That Test Render looks really great. Would add some gloss on her body and her nipplies a bit smaller. Looking to bis for such kind of boobs.

    1. Would change also the skin tone a bit .... ab bit more browned by the sun.

    2. :D Thank you Mave for your feedback!!! Noting!!
      No! Don't worry, I was trying Luxus and making some morphs, that's why I paused the serie, but Is not even in the middle of it!!

  2. My advice for skin is to to set the specular to a dark gray and use between 7500 and 8500 gloss for skin depending on the specular map and if your character has one. I usually like to make the skin more glossy as the set progresses to reflect an increase in sweat and fluids but that's just an artistic taste. The scene does look good though, how long did it take to render?

  3. Love the lighting, and a nice subject. Keep up the good work, for every comment there are a thousand quiet admirers! :)