lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Frey and the minotaurs COMPLETE

Well, I've finished this serie.
I know maybe need a little more postwork, but I don't want ruin it.

She's Frey, a lonely and sexy girl, bored in the castle tower...
 A couple of big minotaurs arrives...

-What, in the name of all gods is that!!  - She said.
-Why? You think isn't big enough for you? - Said one minotaur, approaching to her...
- No! Is far more bigger than i can handle!
Why don't find out it?

Hope you like it!!

And for one who prefer, HERE are the rar with all the images in high resolution.
Are 50 images 2560px X 1440px.

Cya soon!!!

7 comentarios:

  1. Nice work here, It's also hard to get penetrations like this right. It's something I still struggle with but you've done an excellent job here.

    1. XD Thank you! I love to work with morphs!!! And I'm inlove of GoZ plugin, working with ZBrush is so easy, and you can adjust the shapes for deform it!

    2. I plan one day on getting ZBrush, have to save up money first :D

  2. The pictures are greatThe charactere are beautyfull,the girl is cute.The taurens have big tools.The pose are very good.I like your stuff very much.I'm trying to do something close from your work at my level.
    I'm waiting the next set with impatience.

  3. good work here bro! 10/10 from me :)

  4. Excelente trabajo. Me gusta tambien la contextualizacion de la muchacha como intimidada y sumisa, pero no sin mostrar interes y lujuria propia. Mucho mejor que los tipos escenarios abusivos monotematicos, al mezclar sutilezas de caracterizacion en los participantes en la esquematizacion y posicionamientos.

    1. Wow! Gracias!! Me alegro que haya podido transmitirlo!!! Exactamente igual que vos, si bien no estoy en contra del arte no-consentido (después de todo es fantasía), tengo preferencias por muchachas que disfruten de las sesiones extremas que les tenga preparadas :P